Call for volunteers #CitizensRoute: The 2019 European election campaign starts NOW! BE A PART OF IT!

You are an event programmer king! You look to serve Europe and other Europeans! You are a youtuber, blogger, a social media addict, or a journalist… You like to set up strategies… YOU CAN HELP! The 2019 European election campaign starts NOW! BE A PART OF IT!

#CitizensRoute: what is it?

Did you ever think about how we could create a more democratic and accessible European Union? Do you think about how we can shift the focus of politics away from the national level, and a bit more towards the European level? You don’t? Really? Come and join us, let’s explore the potentialities of a common democracy!

#CitizensRoute is about a two-year citizen process to turn audible and contribute to grow the trans-European political debate/offer/ideas/figures/movements we need in the next European election for democracy to prevail. Don’t be shy, visit our website.

#CitizensRoute is an initiative of the Franck Biancheri Network (which includes the AAFB – Friends of Franck Biancheri Association) and the Change Agent Network (iCAN), in partnership with the networks AEGEE-Europe, Cambiamo Rotta all’Europa and Stand up for Europe, POUR écrire la Liberté,, Europe Populaire, AEGEE-Toulouse, Maison du Développement Durable, BBK/Door Vriendschap Sterker, Creatopia, Eyes on Europe, Citoyennes pour l’Europe, Institut Locarn…

How can you help?

You know democratisation is vital for the future of Europe and you want to be a part of it? We love to hear more about that! Tell us how much time you have to dedicate per week and your skills. You can work on different projects:

  • #CR-Democracy Marathon: you are an event programmer king? You could be helpful… Topic of each event: “European Election 2019: What Europe do we want?” Format: A debate between and around 5 different points of view. When? During 18 months – 100 political debates on the future of Europe – in 100 EU cities. Scared? Come on, you’ve done easier before. You won’t have to organise EVERYTHING, just give us a hand on specific aspects. Here is an example:
  • Finance: crowdfunding, European subventions, partnerships… Serve Europe and other Europeans by helping us finding funds to achieve our goals!
  • Youtube channel: you like to create videos, you are a youtuber, blogger, a social media addic, or a journalist? Participate to the launching of the #CR-Youtube channel!
  • Lobbying: setting up lobbying strategies towards Brussels, Strasbourg and the 27 EU capitals. Show them what AEGEEans truly stand for!

Skills needed

  • Social media king
  • Project Coordination champ’
  • Marketing pro
  • Video design star
  • Event programming god
  • Financial whiz
  • And much more, you tell us…

Why should you join?

We are a small team, very open-minded and dynamic! Heirs of Franck Biancheri, founder of AEGEE, and founding father of the ERASMUS programme, we have been fighting for the democratisation of Europe for 30 years now!

Not enough?

Well, EU democratisation is on everyone’s lips now… Victory is at hand but the fight is not yet won. For European citizens to have a European choice in the next European election, one last but strong effort is needed and it all depends on each of us mobilisation capacity…

Still not enough?

Oh come on, you will work from your home, is there anything better than that? You can work in your pyjamas! IT IS NOW OR NEVER, DON’T MISS IT!

Deadline for applications: 06/11/2017

Now that you are convinced, please send us an e-mail with a motivation letter @ and if you are not convinced but still you want to learn a little bit more about the project, same old same, it will be our pleasure to inform you.

Download the call for volunteers CR’


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