What Europe do we want ? #CitizensRoute Democracy Marathon European Elections 2019

A debate between and around 5 different points of view
18 months – 100 political debates on the future of Europe – 100 EU cities

The major crisis our continent is going through raises countless questions. These questions impose a Very long and Very wide public debate among Europeans, a debate capable of turning the 2019 European Election into a tool to take into account the interest and aspirations of the EU citizens.

The importance of the issues forces us to begin this debate now. This is why the #CitizensRoute* Collective is launching a Democracy Marathon**, aimed at displaying the confrontation of 5 different visions on the Future of Europe to audiences formed of EU citizens, in the framework of 100 debates between January 2018 and May 2019.

Sharpening a mutual understanding and interconnection between European citizens and politicians

DiEM25, Greens, Federalists, Change Agents, Woman’s Europe, Europe of the Nations, direct Democracy,… EU is full of proposals to solve the crisis, unfortunately they are not audible. In an effect to multiply the successful European political debate inaugurated in Louvain-la-Neuve in July 2017, #CitizensRoute is setting up a « mobile tribune », gathering each time 5 different representatives of the European political forces, who will confront their ideas on the issues, solutions and directions for our common European future.

A 100% citizen-based method

This debate is in the interest of all EU citizens. Associations, municipalities, unions, citizen-based movements, festivals, etc… The civil society gets organised to welcome this mobile tribune on an EU-wide tour, gathering its members/supporters/participants/constituents/sponsors … around the most innovative crisis-exit proposals.

Some answers to burning issues

Eurocrisis, social dumping, migrant crisis, terrorism, Euro-Russian relationship, Turkey, border-related questions… the Democracy Marathon is not afraid of the topics which currently worry EU’s citizens. The 5 mobile tribune speakers will tackle the European burning issues and discuss their point of view with the public.

#CitizensRoute Democracy Marathon
Practical details


  • Topic: “What Europe do we want?
  • Format: Moderated debate
  • Structure: Presentation of manifestos + Debate on the “5 burning issues” (to be defined by the local partner)
  • Participants: 5-6 “political agendas for Europe” confronting their visions and ideas
  • Length: 2.5 hours


The partner organisations will host a stop of the mobile tribune taking in charge:

  • the venue and technical means
  • the invitation process necessary to gather at least 100 participants
  • the communication towards the local medias and authorities.

Speakers’ panel

The keynote speakers come from a list of European and political figures and movements who will accept (as much as their agendas will allow them to) to be part of the #CR Democracy Marathon. This way, the tribunes will be easy to set up, but also flexible.


#CR production team will take in charge the coordination of the Marathon. This team is composed of volunteers and members of the group of partner-organisations.


A combination of volunteering work, technical means and venue provided by the partner-organisations of the Marathon, travel expenses to be supported individually. Technically, the organisation of the Marathon might cost nothing other than in-kind means.

* #CitizenRoute is a citizen-based initiative launched by a group of organisations from the European civil society, in Louvain-la-Neuve last July 2, 2017. Its objective: contribute to the emergence and campaining of a complete trans-European political offer for the 2019 European election.
** The « Democracy Marathon » refers to the Newropeans Democracy Marathon initiated by Franck Biancheri in 2003, which led to his election by the Time Magazine readers as one of « the 20 European heroes in 2003 »

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