A Constitution for the EU as a common point of the programmes of European parties for the election 2019 – by Javier Giner

Many Movements in Europe aim to save the EU (pro Europa). For exemple DiEM25, “Mehr Demokratie “, Stand up for Europe, Pulse of Europe, Federalist Movements, Spinelli Group among others.

We should explore the possibilities for all Pro-Europe Movements in collaboration with PODEMOS (and other related Parties) creating an Alliance / Coalition that will present a point as a Common Proposal to the next elections to the EP in 2019 through transnational lists.

The common point of the Program should be a Constitution for the EU according to the proposal of “Mehr Demokratie” based in Germany.

See more information here: https://www.mehr-demokratie.de/ (section Theme: Europe und International)

I believe that with a common point in the Programs, the Political Parties (whith lists made by 50% women and 50% men) to accept such a program for the next EP elections, it is possible to work out all the reforms that all Movements pro Europe have in their Manifestos.

The European Union currently operates in the way that works but it worksit would be advisable to carry out the changes from the current legality to avoid large political upheaval.

With a majority of Parlamentarians in the European Parliament it would not be difficult to develope a Constitution for the European Union adopted by the citizens. With the Constitution, changes could be made in the EU Treaties carrying out a historical process.

For example, moving from a Commission to a Government of the European Union controlled by the European Parliament. Also creating a Senate that would replace the current Council of the European Union and other Constitutional changes that would be provided in the Constitution adopted by citizens of the European Union.

When the EU has a constitution adopted by the citizens it could be carried out a series of measures such as the following:

  • A universal salary for all EU citizens
  • An immediate stop of all arms exports A budget plan for Defense in the EU that would have the equivalent of at least that of all arms exports that leave the EU at the moment.
  • Immediate Declaration of EU neutrality therefore abandoning all military alliances outside the EU
  • An agricultural policy that guarantees the supply of products throughout the EU. If there were too much agricultural production these would be donated to areas of the world suffering from famine.
  • Promote products (cars, appliances, technology, etc.) that are manufactured in the EU so that citizens have the vision that buying products made in the EU would create millions of jobs.
  • To complete the previous point put the necessary tariffs to curb the imports of products that are not necessary. Europe of the national states until the 1950s was self-sufficient. Now with the EU would still better and if there were overproduction could be exported or donating the products to poor countries.
  • Total prohibition of agricultural production with transgenic methods. Switzerland is the first country in the world that has banned it so the EU can still be the second to stop Monsanto and other destructive organizations on planet Earth. In Agriculture we are facing another threat: antibiotics resistancies, climate change and therefore the expansion of pathogenic species (moulds) that infect f.i. wheat and threaten complete harvests. So we have to rethink agriculture as a whole. We have to deindustrialize agriculture, cut down yields, reintroduce diversity, care for the insects that are essential for pollination, or work antagonistic to other insects
  • Through the Constitution for the EU, the maximum decentralization will be carried out so that the States / Regions recover all the competences that can be carried out close to the citizens.
  • The EU should have strictly few powers. Only those that the States / Regions can not perform by themselves (Defense, Communications, Technology among others) The EU has no powers at the moment, the national governements still are the real players.
  • The introduction of a Common Language in the EU with the collaboration of the “Cervantes Institute” and the Internet Technologies that would make it possible for all Kindergartens (Enfants, Children, Kinder) from all corners of the EU to have next to their Current teaching in their mother tongue
  • Introducing the necessary reforms to ensure that the EU’s wealth is equitably distributed. It is not possible that 10% of people continue to enjoy 90% of wealth. We need immediate action on tax evasion. Benefits for (big) companies that conduct business in the EU, like Amazon, Google, ebay, etc.
  • The European Central Bank would be controlled by the European Parliament and would carry out the necessary policies to favor all the citizens and the elites could continue working without excessive speculation
  • Promote sustained development at least in the EU so that climate summits and G7 or G20 meetings are not necessary. Since 1974 the Club of Rome set the guidelines for a sustained development but as we see nothing has been accomplished absolutely nothing..it has even worsened.
  • A Policy of friendship and understanding with the rest of the world that favors peace in the world. Europe has been champion in carrying its values ​​for the world and these values ​​must be the Flag of progress and freedom in other towns and cultures less favored

Javier Giner (info@ejhm.eu) – October, 12.2017 (Translation from original Spanish)

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