Politics and volunteering: the revolution of common sense (Félix de la Fuente, ES)

If we have learned anything in the past year, it is that we, the citizens, must solve the problems ourselves. We can expect nothing, or almost nothing, from leaders or political parties.

Between an engineer who earns just a thousand euros and a MP with no professional experience or training who earns at least five times more (not counting extras, appearances on television, etc …), we can ask what does not work. While we need to keep our workers and engineers within our universities, they are forced to emigrate abroad. We have to recognize that we are economically a nullity: we are investing in tools that will benefit other countries. While social inequalities continue to grow in Spain, when there are so many unemployed, we can not talk about prosperity, peace, not even about democracy.

And not because our politicians are in principle worse than others. No, they live in their world, totally foreign to the needs of the citizens and end up not even knowing the price of a bus ticket. When they enter politics, they may be normal people, but the system perverts them. It may be that not all parties are corrupt, but all of them end up being corrupt. Young politicians are the best candidates for corruption. Accustomed to easy money, they will stay hooked to their position for life.

No, political parties are not the solution. Neither the traditional parties nor the new parties that follow the same path as the first ones. Neither the future ones, unless they are based on volunteering. Volunteering is perhaps the shortest way to regenerate the political class, which should be thought of by the many small, existing political parties. 80% of the political work can be done with volunteers. The machinations of Puigdemont and the Brussels satellites have shown us that with the current media, politicians can save time, money and travel. The creation of “Tabarnia” is not just a joke, as our politicians would have us believe, but in the same context it is a reaction of common sense, a reaction against the failure of all political parties.

Productivity and rationality are two words that even the most isolated house in the city of Soria knows how to apply, but that most politicians do not know. The common sense, which is apparently the least common among politicians, tells us that when just a few of these gentlemen, who, because of their low productivity, should in all rationality be roofless, share the greater part of the cake, there are only crumbs left for the others. Money is scarce for health and education because we spend it on political parasites.

Félix de la Fuente (ES)

Original Spanish: La revolución del sentido común (Tribuna Valladoid, 12.01.2018)


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