Should we wait for institutional reforms to bring out transeuropean lists for the European election 2019? Proceedings

We could see things moving and changing since last July when we launched the #CitizensRoute in Louvain la Neuve: the EU institutions discussing how to take action in order to open 2019 election to new dimension, new paradigm: transeuropean lists, political parties/movements…

And all of a sudden it was a brutal stop. The day after our e-tribune debate on the question: Should we wait for institutional reforms to bring out transeuropean lists for the European election 2019? the EP didn’t vote at all for the possibility of creating transnational/transeuropean lists. A few days after the European Commission even asked Macron to designate the parliamentary group in which his movement LRM would be affiliated after the 2019 elections. Even if the games are not yet done, the national parties grouped into the most conservative groups of right and left (EPP and PES) intend to continue to make the law of the European Parliament.

Do not expect any kind of european institutional reforms for 2019 and do not expect it coming from the top. Things are not moving in the right direction: single constituency seems to be a non-discussion topic, the distribution of British seats was decided to the advantage of the national parties. Possible that we will have to wait for 2024 for possible real reforms.

But should we wait so long? Should we wait for these reforms before European citizens could see the emergence of real transeuropean political visions and of course the debates on these visions?

That’s the question our guests answered during the last e-debate, conducted in 3 parts:

1- Institutional reforms vs civil society, what comes first?
2- What kind of institutional reforms would we need?
3- How do we bring out and promote transeuropean lists?


Marianne Ranke-Cormier, president #CitizensRoute2019

Marie-Hélène Caillol, coordination Steering Committee #CitizensRoute2019


We also remind you the preceding debates of this meeting:


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