[Listen to Yves Gernigon] Transeuropean dimension in politics: the challenge of costs

On Tuesday 17/04/2018, #CitizensRoute2019 organised its 4th e-tribune “Addressing the challenges of the transeuropean dimension in politics”, inviting transeuropean political movements to discuss the challenges posed by the 2019 European electoral campaign and exchanging views about their ways/choices to cope with them.

Erik Edman (Diem25 Belgium), David Carayol (Newropeans), Yves Gernigon (PFE), Adrian Taylor (iCAN, New paradigm for Europe), Maarten de Groot (European Citizens Initiative), our guest-speakers,  discussed the issue around several items. Each of them introduced one of the eight preset questions opening the debate among them and with the participants.

Listen to podcast of Yves Gernigon introducing the issue about ” the challenge of costs”:

#CitizensRoute2019 online-Tribune on Tuesday 17/04

Addressing the challenges of the transeuropean dimension in politics

  1. the challenge of not falling in the trap of going national
  2. the challenge of building European teams at the head of transnational lists
  3. the challenge of network structures
  4. the challenge of costs
  5. the challenge of languages
  6. the challenge of running for 28 national electoral systems
  7. the challenge of reaching to a European citizen that hardly exists
  8. the challenge of media coverage

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