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Transeuropean Petition: Real representation as Europeans

In view of the vote in the European Parliament on Wednesday, has brought out the petition on transnational lists. Please sign here on Real representation as Europeans and share it widely! We are putting a lot of our muscle behind this! Why this petition? Candidates running for the European Parliament in upcoming elections should be accountable to all

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[video] NAEC-AIA seminar on the future of Europe – #CitizensRoute at the OECD

We wish to draw your attention to this video of a seminar on the future of Europe which took place on 16/01/2018 at the OECD. We were the only outsiders in this meeting and asked to come in numbers. So we came with a delegation of 7, including Maria Ballesteros from the AEGEE Comité directeur, Marie-Hélène Caillol from LEAP2020 and

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Politics and volunteering: the revolution of common sense (Félix de la Fuente, ES)

If we have learned anything in the past year, it is that we, the citizens, must solve the problems ourselves. We can expect nothing, or almost nothing, from leaders or political parties. Between an engineer who earns just a thousand euros and a MP with no professional experience or training who earns at least five times more (not counting extras,

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“EUROPE : COMMUNITY OR EMPIRE?” a path-breaking historical book by Franck Biancheri (1992)

“Community or empire: up to the European citizen to decide!” Written by Franck Biancheri in 1992 in the period of the Maastricht Treaty negotiations, this path-breaking historical book is a key-work to understand the paths and the crossings that took Europe for more than 25 years. A book that gives the keys to understanding the complex system of European construction

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DiEM25 to unfold an ‘electoral wing’ to contest elections across Europe! Members have decided!

Yesterday, Nov. 7th, 2017, was a historic day! DiEM25 members have decided! In 2019, and in any other election our members deem necessary, DiEM25 and its partners will present all Europeans with one programme for one Europe. To escape the false deadlock between status quo and nationalism. (Erik Edman) Statement 08/11/2017 by DiEM25: “With 72.98% turnout, DiEM25 members voted an

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[EN] #CitizensRoute – First e-tribune: Looking at the Catalan crisis from a European angle – online 6 Nov. 2017

The #CitizensRoute initiates its first mobile tribunes with a first e-debate! You are cordially invited to join us for an online public debate on Monday, November 6th at 18.00. The objective is to mobilise the organisational and political network of partners on burning issues, to create a dynamic debate around the #CitizensRoute ! Topic and format: “Looking at the Catalan crisis

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